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Early Medieval Iberia

International Research Group

The research group EarlyMedIberia brings together a number of scholars whose work focuses on different regions of the north of the Iberian Peninsula in the early Middle Ages. Its aim is to develop comparative trans-regional research to offer a better understanding of the area that may further illuminate early medieval European societies generally.

Castelo de Portomeiro. Photo courtesy of J.C. Sánchez Pardo

“The various territories of Iberia in this period, however diverse, shared a common past, and this past had sufficient weight to make it meaningful to investigate how and why different elements of it endured where they did, and equally how and why social groups in different regions drifted away from them over time. At the same time, the multiple polities into which Iberia was divided were interconnected, and these connections were felt at different levels of society, such that to assess historical developments in one we must necessarily look at the others”.

Carvajal Castro, Á., Marques, A. E., Barrett, G., Agúndez San Miguel, L., Castro Correa, A., Fernández Ferreiro, M., Jarrett, J., Peterson, D., Quetglas Munar, R., Sánchez Pardo, J. C., Santos Salazar, I., & Tomás Faci, G. (2022). Towards a trans-regional approach to early medieval Iberia. History Compass, 20(6), e12743.